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Coworking Environments

Typically, a Coworking Centre is divided into various sections which are shared by it's members and tenants. Find out what they are.

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Reception Areas

This is the front of house reception area shared by all members (tenants) where the service staff of the coworking space meet and greet your clients/customers and are available to provide assistance and support to members.

Hot-desking Areas

Dedicated sections where you can plug and play with your laptops and do your best work. Some coworking spaces (including Waterman) also offer Hot Desking with HDMI monitors included at no additional cost.

A section of the business centre where you’re still part of an open space environment but with the benefit of having your very own dedicated desk with a monitor, lockable storage, branding, and 24/7 access to the centre.

Depending on the coworking centre, some dedicated desk memberships can also include parking space within their monthly rent.

Case Study

See how Roll’d moved it’s headquarters to Waterman Chadstone and moved their team into a collaborative dedicated desks environment and what it’s done for them. 

Quiet/Breakout Spaces

Dedicated sections of the business centre where you can pull away from your screen to take a break, make a quick phone call, concentrate on a particular task, or read a book.

Brainstorming Sections
These can also be found in open-plan areas of breakout spaces, but they would typically include a large whiteboard with markers for jotting down ideas with your team.

Communal Facilities

Communal Kitchens
Open-plan areas with all the amenities such as fridges, coffee machines, microwaves and toasters, and comfortable seating areas for relaxing and enjoying your lunch.

Communal Bathrooms
Shared facilities with some also offering end-of-trip facilities such as showers and change rooms to freshen up before your workday.

Enclosed spaces that are typically fully furnished and equipped with desks, chairs, monitors and storage space. They also include branding on the exterior of your office and the option to have signage displayed near reception. The interior of private offices can be customised to reflect your brand or company’s look and feel within your own dedicated workspace.

Professional and enclosed meeting rooms for important client meetings, including tables and comfortable seating. Some meeting rooms may also include large TV screens with HDMI access for giving presentations.

Professional and enclosed meeting rooms for important client meetings, including tables and comfortable seating. Some meeting rooms may also include large TV screens with HDMI access for giving presentations.

Training Rooms: Professionally equipped
For conducting seminars and training events. Training rooms also include projectors and video conferencing facilities.

Event Spaces
For hosting large-scale business functions and events. These also typically include speaker presentation facilities such as podium or speaker lecterns and microphones.

Dedicated Phone Booths

For taking private phone calls away from communal areas.

Recreational Spaces

Outdoor Spaces and Courtyards
For taking a break and getting some fresh air and vitamin D.

Relaxation/Time Out Rooms
Spaces that may include a basketball hoop, table tennis table or games to unwind with.

On-site Cafes
Some coworking spaces have on-site cafes with trained baristas to start your morning with the perfect brew and offer a convenient meeting place for clients or visitors.

Fitness Studio
If you need to take a moment to get active but don’t want to go outside — or can’t go outside as Melbournians are well accustomed to — then visit a fitness studio room to get your heart rate going a little. Local gyms often partner with coworking centres to provide member discounts if there is no onsite gym at the centre.

Podcast/Media Rooms
Does your business produce a podcast? Need a green screen for your videos? That’s where media rooms can be hired out at coworking centres that offer these facilities.

Parents’ Rooms
Still on maternity leave, but you’ve come to a coworking space with your bub to meet your coworkers? You can use a parent’s room to settle down your baby, change their nappy and have some peace and quiet.

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Coworking Environments

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