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Coworking Membership Levels

Coworking memberships typically come in a few different levels or pricing tiers, each with its own set of amenities and perks. Find out what some of those amenities are.

Waterman Team Membership Caribbean Park Coworking Area With Hanging Chairs
Coworking space at Waterman Caribbean Park

Coworking and Shared Spaces

Hot Desk Daypass (1+ People)
This is the most basic level of membership, and usually the least expensive. It allows members to use any open workspace in the coworking area, but does not include a dedicated desk or storage.

Flexi Memberships (1+ people)
A single, flexible membership allowing you to scale your use and pay as you go with access to work from the coworking areas, breakout and common areas and bookable meeting and training rooms.

Team Memberships (3-15 People)
A flexible membership for teams of 3-15 people that allow your team to work from the coworking areas, common areas and utilise bookable private day offices. This can be a single monthly amount or scaled each month depending how much your team need to use the centres

Enterprise Membership Solutions (+15 people)
Typically for businesses that have more than 15 team members, looking to use the open coworking space. This is a popular option for business that are looking to improve the workspace flexibility for their staff, allowing them to work closer to home but not necessarily from home.

Private Offices and Enterprise Offices

Private Office
This level of membership includes a private, enclosed office space for the member, as well as additional storage and other amenities. It is typically the most expensive level of membership.

Enterprise Office (an alternative to commercial office space)
For those businesses that require a private office space for a large team (15-90 people) an enterprise suite is for you. These suites can be customised to fit the needs of your business. Generally, there are longer lease terms on these suites due to the level of customisation requested by many businesses.

Virtual Memberships

Virtual office (1 person)
This level of membership allows members to have an address and telephone number to use for their business, but do not have access to physical space.


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