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Coworking Extra Chargers

Extra monthly charges can differ between coworking spaces and levels of membership. Find out what extra chargers that may not be included within your membership.

Reception Services Waterman Narre
Coworking space at Waterman Caribbean Park

Centre Access

If you have visitors coming to see you at your coworking space for more than an hour or two, then this would typically incur a daily charge for their visit, they would also then be able to work from the centre for the rest of the day.

Car park spaces differ not only from coworking spaces but usually from centre to centre. Typically some car park spaces are allocated for tenants who take up Private Office Suites and Enterprise Office Spaces, which have allocated parking spots available (and some dedicated desk memberships). However, generally speaking, they vary on location and allocated spaces. For example, our Chadstone office location has free parking for everyone because our coworking centre is located within Chadstone, the largest shopping precinct in the Southern hemisphere. However, our Richmond office only offers car space for anchor tenants and dedicated deskers.

After-Hours Access
Depending on your level of membership, you may only have access to a workspace during regular business hours, typically 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. If you’re on a lower tier membership and would like to use the coworking space after hours or on the weekends, then you may be charged extra for that.

Alternatively it may be more beneficial if you need frequent access out of hours to upgrade your membership level.

Card Fees & Sign up Costs

Credit Card Charges
Most coworking companies will pass on credit card charges and processing fees onto their tenants and members.

Sign-up Costs
Depending on the coworking company and the type of workspace you sign up for, there could be an initial or capital outlay cost or a security deposit for a private or enterprise office.

Adhoc Charges

Meeting Room Hire
Coworking spaces often come with a certain amount of ‘credits’ or ‘coins’ that you can use per month on bookable meeting rooms, and this all varies on membership plans or office tenancy. You can always utilise these meeting rooms by making a casual booking even if you are not a member of the cente.

Additional printing incurs an additional charge on your monthly bill. This is to cover the cost of the ink and paper.

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