Meet the team

We are on a mission together to see business and people prosper

We have a big vision to influence the prosperity of people and business. The best part is, we get to do it together!

We’re all unique, but one thing we have in common, we dream of the difference we can make for business and people.

Waterman Team Photo 2024
Waterman Founder Neville Waterman

Meet our founder — Neville Waterman

Founder and managing director of Waterman, Neville Waterman has over 25 years’ experience in business and leadership. Neville is passionate about creating environments that support the growth of business and empowering businesses to be used as a vehicle for making a positive impact in the community.

Waterman’s mission is to change the statistics around the success of small business in Australia by providing supportive environments and business communities that contain all the tools and supports a business needs to thrive. Neville’s entrepreneurial spirit and genuine love for people has inspired many people in their business to be successful in what they do and to have a higher purpose in using that success to benefit not just their family and team, but the wider community and world around them.

Neville Waterman


Leadership Team

Waterman Leadership Team James Waterman

James Waterman

Finance Director
Waterman Leadership Team Martin Reidy

Martin Reidy

Sales and Product Director
Waterman Leadership Team Peter Tainsh

Peter Tainsh

Projects Director
Waterman Leadership Team Mark Butler

Mark Butler

Marketing Director
Waterman Leadership Team Chris Jbeily

Chris Jbeily

Business Development
Waterman Leadership Team James Cheng

James Cheng

Strategy and People Director

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