About Waterman

We simply love business

We are truly inspired by their courage, their wonderful entrepreneurial spirit and their willingness to back themselves. 

We believe that by providing the right spaces, community and support, we can influence the success of business — the flow on effect of which is prosperity and wellness for communities and individuals.

Each of us hold in our hands the power to do good but on our own we can only get so far. Together we are capable of achieving so much more.

Our Story

Opening our first centre in July 2016, we now provide over 25,000m² of flexible workspace across seven locations, including the award-winning Caribbean Business Park in Scoresby, and in Australia’s biggest shopping centre, Chadstone with additional centres opening soon.

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Neville Waterman - Founder Of Waterman Workspaces

Meet our founder — Neville Waterman

We believe in creating environments that businesses can connect with, providing the tools, resources and community connections to prosper. The result of this is businesses will go further, it will be positive for communities and we can potentially influence the economic prosperity of the nation.

Neville Waterman


Our Dream

We dream of a bright future with a greater measure of prosperity, hope and justice than today — a nation of thriving businesses and wholesome communities deeply compelled to look beyond themselves and build a better world.

Our heart is to see businesses thrive and grow, and while we’ve had so many great stories of this in the last few years, we’re really only just getting started. Over the coming years, we plan to have a centre within a 20 minute drive of the majority of Victorians.

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Prosperity for all

Success in business is important, but success for good is where we believe the magic really lies. We believe business is a fundamental vehicle for good in the world which is why we have partnered with One Heart Foundation to influence the prosperity of all people.

About Waterman - One Heart

Through education, leadership, empowerment and love, this partnership supports the transformation of communities around the world.

Our Values

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