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Is Coworking right for you?

Let's break down who coworking is best suited for, who it may not be suited for and what alternative options they can look into.

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Who is Coworking for?

Coworking spaces are a great option for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and need a professional environment to work in without the cost or commitment of a long-term office space lease.

Coworking spaces provide a cost-effective option for freelancers who need a professional environment to work in and a community to connect with others. WFH (Work From Home) Remote workers: Coworking spaces are a good option for remote workers who need a dedicated workspace separate from their home office, but still close enough to home without having to commute into the CBD office.

Small business owners
Coworking spaces can be a good option for small business owners who want to reduce their overhead costs and have access to a professional and collaborative environment.

Startups often opt for coworking spaces as they provide a flexible and cost-effective option to set up shop and grow their business

Waterman Member Story

How wedding photographer ‘Briggsy’ found his workflow at Waterman Workspaces.

Digital Nomads
Coworking spaces provide the perfect environment for digital nomads who need a professional and flexible place to work while traveling. Typically they would have multiple coworking memberships where they can change their working environments if they need to regain inspiration.

Individuals who want to be part of a community
Coworking spaces foster a sense of community and collaboration among its members, which can be beneficial for individuals who want to work in a collaborative and social environment.

Individuals, businesses and organisations looking for meeting room spaces
This could include schools, churches, not-for-profit organisations that need a casual meeting room or boardroom space to conduct a seminar, meeting and more.

Enterprise and corporate companies
Brands such as Roll’d choose coworking spaces to accommodate their head office teams as the coworking centres offer a level of flexibility that is difficult to find in commercial office space, particularly for teams that are rapidly growing or changing.

Video production companies
A coworking centre can sometimes be the perfect shooting location for a corporate film commercial or a movie scene. These can generally be hired out for a day.

Who Coworking is not suitable for?

People who require a high level of privacy and security
Coworking spaces are open environments where others can see and hear what you are doing. If you work with sensitive or confidential information, a private office within a coworking space might be a better option.

People who are easily distracted
Coworking spaces can be a bit noisy and busy, which can be distracting for some people. If you are easily distracted, a private office within a coworking space might be a better option.

People who prefer to work alone
Coworking spaces are designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among members, which can be too social for some people who prefer to work alone.

Waterman Member Story

See below, Jill Roche from not for profit, the Brave Foundation that has experienced the benefit from taking on a private office with in a shared workspace at Waterman Eastland.

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