Waterman Networking 101 – Winning Networking Tips

Hosted by Waterman and powered by Fresh; whether you’re a veteran or first timer, don’t miss this opportunity to learn some practical skills that can help you take your networking to the next level. Bring along your pen, pad and business cards!

The best in business are those understand their communities; their local, global and industrial communities. These networks are what will support business owners until launch, buy from them after launch, then finally, support and advocate for them into the future.

Success in business does not come easily, but it’s a much harder road for the lonely. That’s why Waterman Business Centres are bringing you a program powered by Fresh Networking to help create relationships in a community network.

The idea of networking can sound like just sparking a few conversations, but:

  • Do you know what to prepare to ensure networking is successful?
  • How can you put your best foot forward?
  • Do you know who’s in your current network?
  • What are your networking goals?

These are just some of the questions we’ll help you answer so that every encounter is more productive than the last.

Fresh Networking is the fastest growing referral business networking group in Melbourne. Fresh believes that businesses will flourish when the focus is on genuine relationship building in a supportive and fun environment without forced systems or rules. Fresh, fun and flexible, they’re about More Connections and Less Blah!

So, bring business cards, a pen, paper, an open mind and a good handshake. We promise an eye-opening experience and a wider network!


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