Webinar: Marketing and the Corona Virus

The Covid-19 coronavirus has disrupted and impacted our world in ways that many of us have never experienced before.

In this presentation I will look at what businesses around the world and across sectors have been doing in response to the coronavirus from a Marketing perspective.

Who has been doing it well and provide my Tip on what every business should do with their marketing, regardless of budget.

We will explore core questions such as:

-Should I invest resource in marketing right now?

-Is it right and how do I leverage any opportunities due to the impact of the coronavirus ?

-If yes to both, what should my approach be.

About the Speaker:

Karl is a strategic marketer who has a track record of developing customer focused and integrated marketing strategies… that deliver results.

With 20 years of extensive marketing, branding, communications, retail, advertising, digital, ecommerce and leadership experience gives him a reputation for being strategic, customer focused and a team builder

In 2019 he started Winther Consulting – Strategic Marketing Services

As a senior marketing professional he has overseen all facets of marketing, enabling skills that are very adaptable across industry sectors. His strength is being able to develop marketing strategies and plans that deliver commercial results in the short term AND build a brand based on customer led insight positioning for long-term sustainable and profitable outcomes.