3 Simple Hiring Tactics for your Small Business

Having started a small business venture, you are at risk of becoming one of the 50% that fail in the first five years as reported by numerous statistics and surveys. A big part of that failure is small business owners refusing to acknowledge that they may need help with daily operations, administration and quotas. Some think the money is better saved and spent on furthering growth in the business which means they’ll definitely need staff soon, while others simply believe through either their experience or that of others, that employment is a sticky process to get into.
Tactics for small business hiring

Here are some simple tactics to help you get past that and avoid the collapse of your small business due to unnecessary strain.

1. Use the Internet

With social media and hiring platforms like LinkedIn and Seek, it’s easier now than ever before to find the right candidate. It’s not beneficial anymore to simply put an advertisement up on a job site and wait for the resumes to start piling up. Browse these professional social media platforms and see if a candidate actually matches your small business. If you own a clothing line that specializes in adventure or camping apparel, look for people with pictures around the great outdoors and an obvious affinity for going on adventures!

Conversely, utilizing the internet allows you as an employer to showcase your company in a way that attracts the kind of talent you’re interested in. Entice potential applications by showing what it’s like for current employees in your small business. Film an average day. Giving talent a preview allows them to see themselves working there.

2. Don’t focus on the trophies

More and more nowadays, fancy qualifications and stellar achievements are stepping down as the baseline for hiring reliable employees. We’ve heard it before: “Book smart isn’t always work smart”. Straight A’s don’t mean an individual is capable of applying knowledge practically. More than that, books don’t guarantee an individual’s personality. If you’re looking for someone who fits into the sunny, playful, quirky environment your small business propagates, you’ll want to hire somebody who has clearly worked for long periods of time in similar places. If you’re looking for a sales star, you’ll want someone with a proven track record in sales, not just someone with a degree in Business or Marketing.

Having said that, don’t be afraid to spice up your list of potential candidates with individuals who have no work experience but who are engaging in their cover letter or CV. New to the workforce and lacking experience does not mean somebody can’t be a star in your small business. It’s up to you as an employer to reach out and give potential the occasional chance.

3. Harness the word of mouth

Of course, you can take the advice in the first point and hire off recruitment sites. However, don’t forget to also take advantage of who you already know. A simple status on your Facebook page can attract friends you didn’t know were qualified for the position you’re advertising. Talk to people at gatherings and make it known that you’re looking for talent, they or someone they know might be perfect.

This is incredibly important because it offers the potential to recruit people you already have a rapport with or a connection that can lead to rapport more easily. In addition, you can capitalize on the testimonies of the people doing the recommending. In the CV of someone you see on the internet, your only testimony to go by is that of their references who could be legitimate or just friends posing as owners of other small businesses. By speaking to people in your own networks, you can get a functional idea of what someone is capable of.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to bring on more staff, have had adverse experiences hiring before or are making the first move in your small business from full autonomy to employing talent, hiring does not need to be a harrowing and prolonged experience. Tactics like the ones mentioned above can help ensure the process is efficient and enjoyable while hopefully achieving the best outcome possible for your small business.

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