5 Reasons Flexible Workspaces in the Suburbs are the Way of the Future

Urban flexible workspaces continue to rise as a growing trend as more people discover the benefits of having a flexible work schedule and location. Which is why it’s unsurprising to find the coworking and flexible workspace movement positively impacting the suburban market.
Waterman suburban workspaces lead the future

Suburban coworking spaces cater to the majority of work from home clients, including independent professionals, freelancers and even family-oriented executives and business owners. Building coworking and flexible workspaces at the heart of the suburbs allows people to enjoy the perks of being in an office while ensuring that they have a fulfilling social (and home) life outside of work.

Suburban coworking spaces add value to the local community, providing a collaborative hub of creativity and innovation for a diverse range of members. The suburbs also provide a spacious and laid back atmosphere for people who want to get away from the bustle of the city. This makes suburban coworking spaces an attractive option to both employers and employees, as it allows them to improve their quality of life without travelling so far from home.

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5 reasons you should consider suburban coworking spaces as your workplace

Suburban coworking spaces allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds with your professional and personal lives. We’ve shortlisted five reasons that explain why working in the suburbs can make a world of a difference in your career. 

1. Suburban locations offer a shorter daily commute

One of the major downsides of having a daily commute is the time and effort it takes to travel to and from your workplace. The majority of the Australian workforce has gone through the remote work model at some point, allowing most of us to see the advantages (and disadvantages) of working from home.

On one hand, the work from home model has enabled people to cut down their commute, which inadvertently makes for a greener environment as well. The work from home model also proves that employees don’t need to be chained to a desk in a strict 9-5 schedule to be productive. 

However, this type of work model doesn’t necessarily benefit everyone, especially for employees that have busy and distracting home environments. A suburban coworking space can provide a great office environment for its members as it has the necessary infrastructure for work productivity as well as a collaborative and energetic atmosphere.

Choosing a workspace location near your residence will also ensure that you have a significantly shorter daily commute. It will enhance the accessibility and flexibility of your possible routes to work, especially if you only come in on certain days of the week. This also gives you greener and more cost-effective transportation options, such as cycling, or public transport.

2. Coworking creates a stronger sense of community

A coworking space has an innately collaborative atmosphere as it invites members from different industries to collaborate alongside each other, allowing them to exchange ideas and discover innovative business solutions. This allows each individual to feel a strong sense of community within the coworking space. At Waterman, we strive for a strong sense of connection and community between members, which has helped to raise the overall morale and productivity of members because we support and uplift each other.

This sense of belonging is definitely enhanced when a coworking space is located within the suburbs, especially if you want to build stronger connections to your neighbourhood. Coworking spaces are also great hubs for networking opportunities so it will enable you to build relationships with new (and even familiar) faces.

3. Suburban working boosts work-life balance

While working in the city can have its perks, it can be stressful and extremely fast-paced if you get carried away by the bustling energy. Working in a suburban location can help you build a healthy work-life balance in a more laid back environment.

A coworking space allows you to develop your own schedule, giving you time for your personal commitments while allowing you to work when you feel productive. You can apply a hybrid work model within a coworking space to increase your work flexibility, as this allows you to come and go freely within the workspace without feeling undue pressure to perform. 

4. Coworking spaces increase work productivity 

Working from home can be distracting and unproductive, especially when you don’t have the proper infrastructure in place. A coworking space can provide facilities suited to your needs. Suburban locations will ensure that your travel route will be efficient, and that your commute time won’t contribute to potential “productivity killers” that can drain your time and energy, like long drives from the house to the office. 

The upbeat energy in a coworking space can also encourage members to be productive as they work alongside each other, discovering ways they can improve their respective businesses or workflows.

Transferring to a coworking space can be an exciting journey, and it’s important to prepare yourself so that you can maximise everything the workspace has to offer. You can be more productive and successful in a coworking space by:

  • Networking and socialising with other members
  • Nurturing business relationships
  • Being considerate to others (especially when it comes to communal areas)

5. Suburban locations can help you achieve a better lifestyle

Working in the city can come with higher living costs (like buying lunch for example), but suburban work locations can give you more affordable options in terms of housing, daily meals and even transportation. 

The suburbs are typically more spacious and less crowded than the CBD, allowing you to achieve a healthier lifestyle as there are more green spaces to take walks and enjoy the fresh air. Having more time to explore your own neighbourhood can also give you opportunities to find local communities that can support you in your career, business and even personal journey.

Remote working has “brought the city” to the suburbs, since more people prefer staying within the immediate area instead of driving into the city. Suburban locations typically have lower crime rates as well, allowing you to feel a sense of tranquillity and peace. The “urban” development of suburbs has made local neighbourhoods livelier and more robust, allowing residents to achieve their desired lifestyle.

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