Thank You – $30 Membership

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$30 Membership FAQs

How do I access the centres on a $30 Membership?

Once you have submitted your application form for the membership, you will be prompted to book a welcome meeting time with your preferred centre community manager. During your welcome, you will receive a key pass that will allow you to access all centres between the hours of 9am-5pm.

What is the minimum term?

The membership is a month to month commitment. There are no long-term contacts; however, the membership is automatically charged to your credit card each month.

Is there parking and internet included?

A limited, outdoor, shared parking lot is available, but a dedicated space is not included in the membership package. You will, however, have unlimited* access to high speed Wi-Fi internet whenever you’re in the building.

*Please see fair use policy for terms and conditions

Can I access the centres after hours?

If 24/7 access is required, members must upgrade to the Membership Plus package.

Can I share my access pass with another person?

At this time, we only allow one pass per person on a $30 membership. Additional users must also purchase the $30 membership to access the centres. In addition, members must not book workspace on behalf of another person.

Tell me about security deposit & set up fees.

On the $30 membership we do not require a security deposit or a set-up fee, it’s as simple as that. Our $30 members can jump straight into Waterman Central to purchase their Waterman credits and book their first visit within minutes. We’ve removed the hoops and red tape for an easy, ‘plug-and-play’ experience.

Do I need to book workspace before coming in?

While you have unlimited hot desking access from any of our business lounges, these spaces tend to fill up. For this reason, we do recommend that you book a workstation ahead of time to avoid missing out on securing a workspace.

How do I book a workstation?

To book a workstation, we invite you to log into Waterman Central using your unique member credentials to book your space at your desired location.

What is the difference between a workstation and a business lounge?

Workstations are ergonomic workspaces that can be reserved on an hourly base. These spaces include an ergonomic chair, external monitor and power point. These stations are reserved at an additional cost to your membership.

A business lounge is classified as any other area, these spaces include, kitchens, lounge areas, casual desk space, benches etc. While this workspace usage is unlimited between the hours of 9am-5pm, you may not reserve these spaces.

Can I get my mail delivered?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to have your mail delivered to Waterman for an additional surcharge of ($12 per item). To avoid the surcharge, we recommend purchasing a Business Boost package starting from $45/mth.

Can I use a Waterman address for my Google My Business listing?

Waterman will not accept any business listing postcards from Google, Bing or other similar services if you do not have a mailbox. All Google listings are closely reviewed by our service team.

Does my membership come with credits?

A Membership comes with no credits, meaning that you may utilise the business lounges, however, if you’d like to book a meeting room or a workstation you will have to purchase extra credits. This can be done through Waterman central at a cost of $20/credit.

What is the Waterman credit system & how does it work?

Waterman operate off a credit system for meeting room and workstation bookings. All bookings can be made through Waterman Central. You may log into Waterman Central using your unique log in credentials provided to you upon the purchase of your membership.

Your purchased credits will roll over from month to month; however, if you are on a Waterman membership that comes with credits as part of the package, these credits expire at the end of the month.

Can 1 business have multiple $30 members?

One business can have multiple $30 memberships. This is an incredibly easy process, you can purchase up to 9 additional passes at once through the online membership process.

If you would like to register passes in person at reception, an administration fee will apply.

What is Waterman Central?

Waterman Central is your hub of all things Waterman! Once you sign up as a member, you will receive unique access credentials that will allow you to log in to view your room/workstation bookings, view other businesses operating within the Waterman Community, purchase additional credits, update your information and view your bills online.

What if I want to quit my membership?

If you’d like to quit your membership, you must contact a member of the Waterman Service team (Mon-Fri /9am-5pm) for a hassle-free immediate cancellation of your membership. Please see the terms and conditions for the full process.

Hear what our clients have to say about us!

Ven Creative

In just 6 months, Steve and Andy from Ven Creative upgraded from part-time Hot Deskers, to full-time Dedicated Deskers and now have upgraded to their own private office in Waterman Chadstone. Working from home for 2 years meant it was hard for them to meet clients, collaborate with other businesses and find people to call friends. Now they believe that being a part of a Waterman centre has changed not only their business but their personal life for the better.

442 Travel

Only two months into his own travel business, Damon of 442 Travel required a space away from home where he could meet clients in a warm yet professional manner. Many months later, he is satisfied having achieved a work-life balance that allows him to give both his young family and his passion for travel the time and attention they need. Damon’s upbeat personality and 17 years of experience in the industry make him perfect for his role providing high quality service for his clients at Waterman Caribbean Park.


Collaboration is at the very heart of what we offer here at Waterman but never at the expense of privacy and security. For Sam Bitar and his team at ANZ Mobile Lending, keeping their client’s financial details private is essential to what they do. Moving into our Chadstone centre meant being around hundreds of other small and medium sized businesses, to which his services could cater for perfectly but still being able to enjoy the peace of mind of their own personal office.

Bless Designs

As a small business, there comes a time when working from home no longer becomes a viable option. Bless Designs made the switch into Waterman Caribbean and have never looked back since. With inspiring environments as their backdrop, and a centre filled with other businesses as their home, Darion and his staff are never at a shortage of creative ideas and new businesses to connect with.

Davidson Construction

“We’ve had an amazing growth rate of 250% per year since we’ve been a part of the Waterman Business Centres”. Established in 1972, this family run business has had massive success since making the move from the family home into Waterman Narre Warren. Here’s Brad Davidson’s take on how Waterman has helped his business grow.


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Positive Minds Psychology

As a psychologist, having an empathic environment that allows for confidential and private consultations is of upmost importance. With over 20 years’ experience, Tessa Young has chosen Waterman Narre Warren as the home for her business, allowing her clients to be greeted by a warm space whenever they come to visit.


Roll’d Australia has grown to almost 70 stores nation-wide in just 5 years, bringing delicious, fresh and healthy food inspired by the streets of Vietnam right to our doorstep. Finding a vibrant and exciting environment for this rapidly growing business saw them moving out of their own headquarters and into Waterman Chadstone. Bao Hoang, co-Founder and CEO, shares the benefits his company sees everyday by being a part of our coworking community.

Property Way

Julian Muldoon of Property Way needed a professional environment that gave off a level of sophistication which matches his business. With the head office located in South Melbourne, having access to a satellite office in the south-east means he can meet with his clients at a convenient location closer to them whenever he needs.