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Business Hub

What is a business hub?

Business hubs are centres built to house more than just offices; they’re built to house businesses. A business hub contains everything a business owner would need from the physical space for operations plus the furniture in it, to the amenities they require like high-speed Wi-Fi, kitchen areas or printing facilities, and the networking benefits of working alongside other businesses.

Why a business hub?

Business hubs are designed to cater to everything a business owner of any level would need. They’re also aimed at trying to provide everything a business owner wants. Natural sunlight, greenery, breakout areas, ventilation, comfortable seating, meeting rooms, conference rooms and so much more are all a part of giving business owners the full experience. A business hub should differ itself from traditional office rental buildings by offering more than just an empty shell to fill with a business. Rather a business hub would strive to help businesses thrive and build business communities.

Is a business hub right for me?

Traditional office rental spaces will provide you with four walls, maybe a window, and a power socket in your wall. A business hub will provide you with a space big enough for your vision. Your job is to dream big and our job is to house that dream. Our business hubs offer reasonably priced spaces and desks for any sized business. However, to leave it there would be to short-sell ourselves. We offer beautiful spaces with functional and entertaining additions. We also offer a sense of community you won’t find anywhere else with regular events hosted by us that will help you build your network and grow your business.

Benefits of a business hub

Waterman Business Centres offer a range of benefits including:

  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Prompt phone connection
  • Efficient printing facilities
  • Plenty of hot desks
  • Furnished and personalized private offices
  • Beautiful business lounges to hot desk from
  • Elegantly designed boardrooms
  • Private meeting rooms
  • State-of-the-art video conferencing rooms
  • Spacious training & event rooms
  • Friendly support staff
  • Lunch & recreational rooms with full kitchen
  • Tranquil rainforest room
  • Outdoor spaces for a breath of fresh air
  • Table tennis, mini-golf & basketball court for unwinding
  • Café in or nearby centres
  • Quiet coworking areas
  • Networking and idea incubation areas
  • Three great locations close to home (Narre Warren, Chadstone & Caribbean Business Park)
  • 24-hour access to the centre*
  • Parking on-site or nearby
  • Free, regular networking events
  • Support programs to help start/grow your business
Bless Designs

As a small business, there comes a time when working from home no longer becomes a viable option. Bless Designs made the switch into Waterman Caribbean and have never looked back since. With inspiring environments as their backdrop, and a centre filled with other businesses as their home, Darion and his staff are never at a shortage of creative ideas and new businesses to connect with.


Collaboration is at the very heart of what we offer here at Waterman but never at the expense of privacy and security. For Sam Bitar and his team at ANZ Mobile Lending, keeping their client’s financial details private is essential to what they do. Moving into our Chadstone centre meant being around hundreds of other small and medium sized businesses, to which his services could cater for perfectly but still being able to enjoy the peace of mind of their own personal office.

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