What Affects Your Growth & Productivity At Work?

The way we work has and continues to change, and isn’t that an exciting possibility? It’s a consistent opportunity to adapt to the wants and needs of our employees. What remains consistent however throughout all this change, is the value of a great space which fosters a vibrant, invigorating and dynamic environment.
Waterman improving work productivity

What do you think constitutes an environment that encourages productivity? Is it silence, or classical music? Is there sunlight pouring in or a plethora of greenery to soak up excess C0₂?

Over the years, this has been a hot topic of discussion and has generated countless studies and trends to suggest the perfect solution. Although we can all agree that like many things, there is no hard and fast rule, there are some highly valuable elements to introduce into your workplace to affect business growth and productivity.

As you read on, we have compiled the most valuable elements that you can implement…

Up-To-Date Technology

We know, it goes without saying but did you know that based on a Fellowes study, 36% of office disruptions come from problems with office equipment and 61% said that their equipment needed upgrading?

Considering how, especially after the cards dealt in 2020 and our reliance on the cloud to work remotely, you’d think that seamless technology would be front of mind. Clearly not. If you can even reduce 36% of office disruptions through new technology and equipment, just think of how much more efficient and satisfied your employees would be!

Fellowes also reported that 78% of respondents would prefer an upgrade of office equipment, as opposed to a new foosball game and beanbags. If you want greater clarification and guidance on the kinds of perks employees seek nowadays, click here.

Office Culture

More than a buzzword and no less important. Office culture continues to gain notoriety as an extremely valuable asset for a workplace in retaining and sourcing talent. Better yet, a strong culture also benefits brand identity and image. Don’t believe us? Maybe you’ll believe the report from Entrepreneur which shows that “unhappy employees cost American business over $300 billion each year”.

WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) is “the premier standard for buildings, interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness.”

Focussing on health and wellbeing, this standard looks at seven concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.


You deserve to feel safe at work. Employees expect to feel safe, physically and psychologically. In light of COVID-19, you need a workplace that’s safe on all fronts.

Why? Because if you don’t feel safe, you’re on red alert. You’re not focused, comfortable and you tend to cut corners – naturally because you’re seeking to remove yourself from the situation.

While safety must be reviewed internally within your hierarchy, your office space can be sorted within spaces that are COVID-Safe Workplace Compliant.

Physical Office Space & Layout

Did you know that productivity can be increased from 5, up to 10%, when the physical workplace design is improved? Research also shows that certain open-plan offices have “led  to increased communication among co-workers, higher aesthetic judgments, and more group sociability”.

The physical layout of a workplace is extremely important to the overall satisfaction of a business and its employees. From design, colour, noise and temperature, each element has its own devastating impact if not used correctly.

You’ve surely got a memory of being frozen stiff in an office, in the middle of winter, because the AC was on full blast. Or perhaps you distinctly remember an office space where you could barely hear yourself think? They’re never pleasant memories but if anything, they remind you of what doesn’t make you comfortable.

One valuable method of increasing comfort is soundproof breakout spaces or phone booths. Excellent for short or elongated periods of time, they offer privacy and flexibility.

The value of a great workplace is invaluable, as you can see. Employee satisfaction, through comfort, safety, culture and equipment, is reaped ten-fold through improved productivity and efficiency.

If you’re looking to offer your employees and business a space to flourish, with flexible options that allow you to work your own way, speak with us today.

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