Avoid Blogging Overwhelm With These 6 Simple Tricks

The second any entrepreneur considers how many blogs they’d like to upload a week multiplied by how many words each blog has to be, blogging can begin to sound like a truly overwhelming task. In this way, so many entrepreneurs miss a marketing opportunity by leaving out the use of keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so they’re never highly regarded by popular search engines which is crucial nowadays.


Here are some helpful tips to overcome that temptation to quit:


1. Plan ahead


Consider your story arc. If you’re an entrepreneur running a business development firm, your goal might be to begin blogging about the basics of acquiring an Australian Business Number (ABN), then take readers on a journey towards planning stock control and quarterly budgeting. That’s your story arc.


Now you can plan your content at the beginning of the year so you aren’t struggling for topics as you go. If you know you need 12 blogs a month, then each month is a season with 12 episodes. It’s kind of like planning a TV show! This way, you can stay on track and have a reference as the year progresses.


2. Narrow it down


After planning your story arc, make sure you aren’t posting fluff. You want to release content that is meaningful and engages readers page for extended periods of time. This is what helps Google see that you’re worth a top spot when your name or industry is searched for.


You’re an expert, so tell that story in your blogs. There’s no need for you to branch out into fitness if your speciality is finance. Stick to your script. Make sure that your content is written with key learning points in mind that every reader can take with them.


3. Jump into the pond


The blogging community is like any social media community. Users will engage with others but sometimes people need a little love and attention as an encouragement to show some back. Get involved in blogging communities like Triberr to get your content out there but also to support others. Comment and share posts from people writing about relevant topics. This is an excellent way to get popular blogs to take an interest in you.


4. Build your trust fund


Too many entrepreneurs with blogs are easily put off by blogging as a marketing technique because they aren’t getting the attention they hoped for. In keeping with the TV show analogy from earlier on, think of your blog as a new series.


In this age of binge-watching on-demand, releasing one episode without an immediate follow up can be extremely disappointing for hungry viewers. It’s easy to forget about that one good episode in favour of another equally good series with three seasons already uploaded.


In other words, think of your blog as a trust fund that you won’t reap the reward for until you have enough saved up.


5. Eyes on the prize


So obvious yet so easily forgotten. Consider your physical fitness. Going to the gym is usually for reaching physical achievements. Most people would consider working out a painful waste of time when activities like “not working out” exist. However, add a goal that one is constantly reminded of and that leads to perseverance through motivation.


In other words, remember that if your goal as an entrepreneur is to bump yourself up on search engines by maximizing keyword usage, the only way to benefit is to have multiple blogs over time that hit your target keywords. So treat blogging as a long term goal and persevere as such.


6. Hire Casper


If the reference is lost on you, I’m talking about enlisting the help of a ghostwriter if you’re sure you’re not cut out for writing or simply don’t have the time to keep up with scheduled posting. Reach out to your local community for content writers or head to online sources like Upwork to hire talent at a price that suits you.


Remember to make sure that whomever you hire is familiar with SEO strategy so that the content they’re writing isn’t creative but useless for your business’s growth.


Blogging can sound like a useless and time-consuming vacuum but it’s tremendously important for entrepreneurs in the social media and search engine age to build a blog bank. It’s easy to let it get out of hand if you only think about it as a menial task. But take it seriously, maintain your blog schedule, treat it like any other task and enlist help if necessary. The benefits are immeasurable!

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