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We offer coworking spaces at four locations across the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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What is coworking?

Coworking office spaces are made to encourage members to work collaboratively and share success. Different business owners and employees from a variety of companies share the space and bring their backgrounds together in a melting pot of skills and personalities. Coworking spaces are suited to any style of work. There are bustling incubation areas to encourage the transfer of ideas, and there are also quiet areas and private rooms for those who find they work better in silence.

Why coworking?

Coworking office spaces are ideal places for cooperation between industries and the creation of great things together instead of in isolation. Coworking spaces offer mentorship from industry veterans, support from business owners having the same despairs and successes, encouragement from positive people, and even buyers when you launch your product or service. Coworking office spaces are the best ground zero an idea could possibly have!

In today’s day and age, businesses need to remain flexible in the face of economic development and change. Collaborative workspaces allow for small businesses to specialize in their area of strength while outsourcing their weaknesses to other small businesses in their vicinity. This way, multiple players win at the same time.

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Is coworking right for me?

In short: Yes! Coworking is for anybody. A common misconception of coworking spaces is that they are always bustling, but, as long as the space you’re a member of contains quiet communal areas and private offices, you can still work the way you like. Furthermore, traditional commercial office spaces guarantee privacy but also isolation, with no added benefit of being able to step outside and network at your own leisure. Coworking offers the best of both worlds for any personality type.

In addition, starting up a small business comes with high costs and many fixed overheads. If you’re looking for office space too, setting up phone and internet, furnishing, beautifying and then maintaining the office can rack up a pretty penny. Coworking spaces take care of some costs by providing fully serviced spaces where every amenity a small business needs are already set up, leaving less work and less cost to you!

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Why coworking at Waterman?

We pride ourselves on our gorgeously designed spaces, but we’d be nothing without the community that makes Waterman Business Centres the place to be. Our designated Community Managers have specific jobs to get to know you and plan events to help bring all small business owners together. We help to spark relationships for you and begin the cross-pollination process that you can then continue.

We couldn’t say we love small business if we were in the real estate game. We know we love small business because we’re in this to foster irreplaceable communities.

So, why are coworking spaces so revolutionary?

Because we’re better together.

Benefits of coworking

Efficient printing facilities

Quiet coworking areas

Private meeting rooms

State-of-the-art video conferencing rooms

Spacious training & event rooms

Outdoor spaces for a breath of fresh air

Café in or nearby centres

High speed Wi-Fi

Coworking is ideal for

One-man bands


Small teams

Remote workers

Covid-Safe Workspace

Waterman is dedicated to ensuring our business hubs are not only compliant with government regulations and safe work practices but also that you and your team feel safe and secure when working within our centres.

We have implemented:

•  Increased sanitisation in common spaces throughout the centre.

•  Offered temporary solutions to ensure correct social distancing is followed.

•  Signage as friendly reminders about social distancing.

See our full COVID-19 Safe Action Plan here.

Your choice of 4
state-of-the-art locations

It’s all about location, right? We have four amazing locations across the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne: Australia’s Fashion Capital, Chadstone Shopping Centre, brand new Caribbean Park Scoresby, Narre Warren and Eastland. Why commute to the city when you can enjoy modern facilitates surrounded by fresh air in your backyard and save hours on travel time.



At our Chadstone location you’ll discover a whole new side to the fashion capital of the world – where high-end meets community. Perfect for when you need a spray of Chanel on your break or a bite from its multicultural and extensive food courts.

Coworking Office Space Melbourne Scoresby


Caribbean Park

Enjoy a breath of fresh air as you crunch numbers and bring in results at our Caribbean Park location. Away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, here you can enjoy lush and spacious outdoors areas and expertly crafted and designed indoors.


Narre Warren

Leave the hassle of commuting into the CBD behind as you join our beautiful centre in Narren Warren and grow your business while breathing in some fresh air. Plus our established, innovative business precinct is neighbours with Westfield Fountain Gate, meaning getting the milk on the way home has never been easier.




Our Eastland location brings new meaning to the mecca of food, fashion and family. Perfectly situated to quickly duck-out for a bite, a shop or an errand, Eastland delivers familiarity in both space and community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The default minimum term on our dedicated desks is 6 months, but just like all our products, you are able to full customize your contract terms to suit your business, including reducing the minimum term down to 1 moth. Speak with your leasing executive for more information.

The beauty about calling a Waterman centre home is the abundance of common area and shared space you get so you’re never restricted to work from one space. This means you’ll have access to kitchen facilities, business lounges, break out spaces and more as a part of your package, and the ability to book private meeting & event spaces as you require them.

A dedicated desk in our coworking space is perfect for one person with plenty of space, but there isn’t much space for two! The good news is that your desk is allocated to you only, so you don’t have to worry about sharing.

Your Dedicated Desk comes with both an ergonomic office chair so you’re never forced to sit on the floor and a lockable storage unit (attached to your desk) so you can store your valuables without worry! You also have multiple power points, physical signage printed and an access pass all included in your set-up fee.

Dedicated Desks at Narre Warren currently do not have lockable storage units.

Our friendly leasing team will discuss the best seating arrangement with you based on your needs and our availability.

Of course! All dedicated desks come with parking however depending on the centre, the type of parking included will vary. In addition to this all desks come with unlimited ultra-fast Wi-Fi with current speeds of up to 1000/1000Mbps so you won’t need an ethernet port!

We pride ourselves on the variety of our business community and the collaborative feel in our centres. That means at any given time you could be working alongside any number of local and global businesses that use our coworking spaces from a varying range of industries. Professional services, those in creative fields and everything in between operate from our co-working area.

The co-working area changes on a day to day basis! Some days there is a real buzz in our coworking area and other days everyone is super focused. If this is a concern for you, we encourage you to book a tour and come into the centre to get a feel for it yourself. Regardless, we do have dedicated quiet coworking areas where you can really buckle down and work in peace if you feel the main coworking area isn’t too your liking. That’s the beauty of flexible workspaces!

Included in your Dedicated Desk package is an access pass which grants your 24/7 access to all Waterman centres so you can work where you want. Our centres are also staffed during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) but we still recommend you carry your access pass so you can get around with ease.

Included in your Dedicated Desk package is a physical mail box which you can use to have all your business mail delivered to. Our friendly service team will sort and deliver your mail as it arrives and place it in your locked mail box.

You will be billed on a monthly basis via direct debit for your Dedicated Desk as well as any additional spend (such as meeting room bookings, printing, etc) you may accrue throughout the month.

Included in your package are basic reception services (such as mail sorting, meeting and greeting of your clients and a land line number with call forwarding to your mobile) but all Waterman packages come with access to upgrade and get even more value out of your monthly plan such as a virtual receptionist, printing, wireless handsets, server rack space and other technical services.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re all about community! That means we encourage each and every member to attend the myriad of community events and online resources we put on throughout the year to help you connect, collaborate and grow with likeminded business people.

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