Redefining Business

Redefining Business

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Why Waterman

Overview of Waterman Centres

In a fast paced, ever changing world, people can now work from pretty much anywhere. Home can be unproductive and lonely, while typical office space is inflexible, boring and expensive.

Welcome to a revolution in business. Welcome to Waterman, a place to work, connect, collaborate and create with like-minded people.

Waterman supports all business ventures by offering spaces to suit all workplace needs. Small through to large office spaces, meeting rooms, permanent and hot desks, lush green, light-filled atriums, and lightning fast internet are just a few ways Waterman can change your working world for the better. Networking, social opportunities and a feeling of community will inspire your desire to go create something remarkable.

Our Why

We just love small business. We are truly inspired by their courage, their wonderful entrepreneurial spirit and their willingness to back themselves, no matter what.

But small business is tough, risky and has no guarantees. It’s a stark reality that most small businesses don’t make it, bowing out with dented pride or broken spirit. The majority never realize their potential and never live out their dream. We’re convinced that we can change this and change it big time. Our deep conviction is to become legendary in the business centres we build, the communities we create and the support system we provide so that if you have the right attitude, work ethic and heart, success can be virtually guaranteed.

The ripple effect of small business prosperity is significant—not only for the owner, their family, friends and local community but for our city and nation. We hold in our hands the power to do so much good on a grand scale, to contribute to the prosperity of Australia and the wellbeing of its people. And it’s an understanding that on our own we can’t, but together we can.

We believe in love. We believe in never doing the wrong thing. We believe in giving. We believe that our collective genius is far greater than our individual ability. We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We believe that life is to be lived with laughter, good memories and good friends. Above all, we believe that people matter and relationships are everything.

We also believe that a three-minute conversation at the coffee machine, a chance meeting in the hallway or focused feedback given by a seasoned professional can profoundly change a business. We believe that the wellbeing of small business owners is more than worth it. That’s why we are so committed to building these environments. That’s why we’re better together!

Neville Waterman

At Waterman, we are truly committed to being remarkable in three key areas. In the centres we build, the communities we create and the support we provide. Why? Because we are so convinced that by achieving these objectives we will create environments that will profoundly assist small business owners and positively affect the communities we live in.

Working alongside these small business owners is such a joy and leading remarkable Waterman staff who are so committed to this wonderful cause, is such a privilege.

I invite you to drop in and examine our world class facilities and experience something of our culture.

"The most incredible people and businesses with an amazing atmosphere. The perfect place to make any small business thrive!"

Tara Pezzanite
Eclipse Massage & Beauty
"It’s almost impossible to put a value on the benefit I’ve received since being a part of the network."

Brett Wadelton
My Expert
"It’s just fantastic – these superbly presented offices allow me to provide such a professional and enjoyable environment for my staff at a significantly reduced cost."

Jennifer Reedy
Loan Solution

More than just a workspace

Iconic Centres

With a clear plan to build multiple centres in strategically placed, iconic areas around Melbourne, our already remarkable offering will only get better by creating a network of flexible workspaces that enable you to grow.

Real Community

We’re convinced that isolation is one of the key reasons why so many business owners fail to maximize their potential. Creating environments that foster relationships and encourage genuine collaboration is the heart of our “why”. It’s what sets our business centres apart.

Dedicated Support

Our unique ‘Start 21’ and ‘Support 12’ programs combined with business planning resources, support managers, staff development services and relevant workshops are not just a nice add on - they are essential to why we are successful.