Waterman Test

The Backstory

At Waterman we believe that we’ve been blessed to be a blessing. We have a dream to bring prosperity to the nation of Australia by championing the small businesses that make up it’s foundation. Hand-in-hand with that dream, we also believe that we have a responsibility to help those who can’t help themselves.

That’s why we partnered with an Australian-founded children’s charity called “One Heart Foundation”, dedicated to giving orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya and Uganda a new home, a new hope and a bright future.

Before committing to this cause, Our CEO, Neville Waterman and our Community Manager Shady Gendy went to visit the One Heart village in Kenya and Uganda in person to see the need for themselves and to see the impact of the work of One Heart. We believe in this work and the impact we can make to it. “We’re better together”, isn’t just a nice slogan; but it’s the reality that will help us as a community drastically change the lives of orphaned and abandoned children who didn’t ask for the lives they have. And we’ll do it on grand scale together!

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