How to personalize your workspace

You spend most of your time in your office, right? So why not personalise it to make it feel like a second home. Space where you are truly comfortable and your own style is reflected in your work environment. Sure, organising your accounts and getting started on those quotes sounds more important; but a good workspace can drive productivity and keep you inspired and creative.

Time to declutter

Most of the time, the problem with a messy office isn’t a lack of space but rather too much mess! Decluttering your office can help you be more efficient and reflects a sense of organisation to those visiting. Take some time to sift through the items in your work space and decide if they’re necessities or if it’s time to find them a new home.


• The top drawer. Don’t worry, we all have that top drawer that is an abyss of junk. Time to tackle it head on and say goodbye to all those knickknacks. The top drawer is designated to stationary.

• Store all your important, however not frequently needed documents in one place, preferably out of sight.

Office organisation

You might not have the budget to replace your desk, but you can change what items sit on it. While there are the essentials like a computer screen, phone and keyboard, the stack of old paperwork and 3 coffee cups have got to go. Think about your workflow, what documents and stationary need to be accessed daily? This should be reflected when organising where to store certain items. Having the right tools at your fingertips is going to help you maximise your workload.

If your type of work calls for excessive amounts of paperwork; magazine holders or document racks are a great solution. Thanks to Typo and Kikki-K, stationery and office items have never looked so stylish. Organising your documents into categories will help you find the paperwork you need in record time, whilst also looking stylish on your desk.

Finishing touches

Indoor plants

Brighten up your office instantly with Indoor plants. Not only are they decorative, but they also help filter the air you breathe. Just make sure they’re indoor shade plants.

Wall art

The biggest statement potential is with the huge bare wall in front of your desk. There are heaps of options here; artwork, photography, mood boards, wall stickers (perfect for quotes!) or personalised cork boards. This visual should bring you joy and inspire you, and those who visit your office. Jump on Pinterest to get some ideas for your wall.

Pops of colour

Don’t forget when searching for new decorative items for your space, stick to a particular colour theme that suits your business (or personal style). If you’re investing in some office décor, such as lamps, pen holders, a vase or pot plant, make sure these complement each other. While you’re on a roll, feel free to organise your inbox and desktop while you’re at it. You’ll feel like a whole new person coming into your shiny new office and clutter-free computer!

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