Why purpose and connection are the key ingredients to your motivation

Staying motivated when there is so much ambiguity and change can be really tough. Understanding and using the universal principles of motivation can really help keep us on track, stay optimistic and upbeat about the future. In particular, purpose and connection are powerful universal principles, whose importance is amplified now that we are more remote and more disconnected than ever before. This webinar will look at how we can adapt these concepts for the current times, and use them to help us stay motivated now, and into the future.

What to expect:
• High-level overview of what the research tells us about what motivates people
• Diving deep on purpose:
• Diving deep on greatness and connection

About the Speaker:

Viren is the co-founder of In the Game (www.inthegame.com.au). In the Game create Games, Toolkits and Workshops to improve People, Culture and Leadership. They use a progressive, simple and fresh way of doing things based on modern psychology. Viren has 10+ years of expertise in applied psychology for hiring, leadership and performance. He loves soccer, psychology, and playing board/video games!