Webinar: Facebook Ads Re-imagined: A practical guide

Facebook Ads for many business owners and managers, perhaps yourself, are a mystery. While seemingly simple to set up and run, mastering them to generate even passable results often appears a mystery.

In this workshop, follow along as Richard demonstrates how to set up Facebook Business Manager, the container for all your advertising a business page management activities. He will also show you the most useful types of ads to run for small businesses, how to structure them, and the strategies to help maximise your results.


You’ll learn:

  • How to understand audiences
  • Why boosting posts is a waste of money
  • The role of Messenger in achieving maximum ROI

.. and much much more.


There will be time at the end for a brief Q&A, so send in your questions beforehand to get them answered first.


There’s no reason to fear the current situation, now is the time to build your audience for the future, while ad costs are at a low!