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There seems to be an abundance of new online tools for businesses popping up, but which ones have been tried and tested to offer solutions to allow your business to run a little smoother and more efficiently. The best online tools should help you streamline your daily activities and help to put systems into place to make life easier! We’ve come up with our 5 favourite tools that you can introduce asap!


Project Management Tool

There are countless project management tools designed to suit varying sizes of businesses. Generally, they offer project management from beginning to end and easily break down smaller tasks within a project. Our favourite for small to medium-sized businesses is Asana, not only is it very user friendly, it offers a seamless collaboration space to allow teams to track workflow and finish projects on time.

The tools are available across all platforms and are free to use for less than 15 users, the perfect solution for SME’s. Oh, and did we mention a rainbow trotting unicorn congratulates you when you complete a task?


Note Taking System

Two of the most popular note-taking systems are Microsoft’s One Note and Mac’s EverNote, and your preference will most likely depend on whether your business is running on Mac or PC. The purpose of a note-taking system is to organise and store notes and information in the cloud whilst having a fantastic organisational structure to keep your data stored and easily accessible. The programs aren’t limited to text information, you’ll be able to store files, videos and images, all accessible across smart devices and can be password protected if you’re storing important files. If you’re wondering which to choose, the functionality of both is almost identical with the interface being slightly different.


Cloud Storage

If you’re in the business world, you should have heard of GDrive and Dropbox. These are storage programs are used to upload and store your files in the cloud, meaning you’re not taking up space on your computer and can be accessed with a simple wifi connection. Both programs are ideal for file sharing and collaboration with the ability to ‘share’ particular files with either team members or third parties to your business and customise their level of access with ease.



Granted that Toggl isn’t a well-known tool, it’s a fantastic solution to determine exactly where you spend your time at work – and that of your team. This free tool will easily let you track what projects you’re working on to give you an overview of your work either daily, weekly or monthly. Not only will you be able to adjust how you spend your time at work, but it also allows you to see how you or your team is performing and make adjustments as needed, to keep your business as productive (and profitable) as possible.



Xero is a business accounting and bookkeeping software that is cloud-based. This allows subscribers to access their accounts anywhere with an internet connection, making it a convenient solution for businesses across several locations. The main functions of Xero are invoicing, quoting, bank reconciliation and inventory, with payment options starting at $25.00 per month.

We suggest you introduce these tools one at a time to ensure you’re not overloading yourself learning how to use 5 tools at once. These online tools for businesses are guaranteed to make your life easier and give you extra time throughout the day to hit your targets and grow your business.


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